January 10, 2011

Step 1 of Sweater Completed (Dyeing Wool)

A few days ago, I got as far on my Hourglass Sweater as to divide up 10 (50g) balls of yarn from 3 skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman's wool for my main color.

After weighing these balls, I arranged the yarn so that the dyeing process would reach all of the yarn. I did this by wrapping the yarn around the legs of a chair and securing it slightly by wrapping the remaining 4-6 feet of yarn around.

I will have to get some strawberry lemonade flavored kool-aid to dye my main color (pink/redish "20"), therefore I won't get to this until I go shopping down the mountain! :)

Update: I experimented a bit too much with my color and it didn't come out just as I would have wished, but it still looks good.

Note to self: when dying yarn for one single project always dye in one lot - otherwise you are going to have slight color variations! :D

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