May 6, 2009

Using the expensive stuff! YAY!

Well before finding the rash on my son's belly, I had pretty much decided that I liked fitted diapers with some kind of a wool cover (longies, shorties, wool soaker, whatever). So I got to looking at a few patterns and making my own pattern. I wasn't too satisfied with what I created, but maybe I am just too critical of my own work! :D I found a link to the free Tighty Wighty Diaper pattern and tried it out on scrap fabrics. Wow, what I nice fit! I love it! So then I got brave enough to cut into my organic bamboo velour and cute interlock cotton knit from Joann's and came up with a great diaper. It is so soft and cozy!!! I cut up a prefold for the soaker pad, I may do a tutorial on that soon. Too bad it is way too big! I didn't want to make something my son would grow out of really fast so I did the next size up. Maybe I will donate it to my sis, who has a bigger baby than I do! ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! I'll bet it looks SO cute on him too!