May 6, 2009

Bad news!

Well after wearing the longies for a whole day, my son got a little rash on his tummy. I assume it is from the wool rubbing on his bare skin, I don't think it is because he is allergic. My husband hates wool, so this is a good argument for him. I don't know what I am going to do now... He is slowly growing out of medium-sized prowrap covers, and I really don't feel like buying some more covers. I would rather sew them. I just don't know what materials I am going to use... PUL? Fleece? Nylon?

Ideally I wouldn't want this material to be touching his skin. So I would have to make a hidden layer of the water resistant fabric. But if you want to avoid wicking from the inner fabric to the outer-most fabric this is really a difficult task to accomplish from the sewing aspect.

I will figure something out. :)

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