April 2, 2009

Thoughts about better cloth solutions...

Just jotting down my thoughts from tons of research about cloth:

Well I have been searching the web to find out more about diaper covers and possible fabrics for cloth diapering and have come across this page all about the cons of popular artificial materials (such as polyester and polyurethane laminate: PUL) used for sewing diapers and covers because of their water repelling qualities. It is all about how the polys aren't very good for us, and could potentially cause cancer in the long run.

Now, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to try wool fabric. Of course my local Walmart does not carry wool in any form, I would have to drive to the next town to get to a Joann's Fabric store (2 1/2 hours away). I have searched the web, but don't feel very comfortable about buying fabric that I have not touched. I did buy 1 yard of 100% merino wool interlock that is supposed to be great for covers, but it was pretty expensive ($20 /yard) so it is just to try, and if I like it ALOT I may consider buying more. I would like to only have to use one layer for a pocket style diaper, but then there is still that washing issue. Every time the baby poos or wets, the inner flannel layer would have to be washed... not good for the wool.

I think the best solution would be to make a wool cover that can be reused (hung up to dry if only pee) and doesn't have to be washed as often. The idea of converting my prefolds to fitted diapers would then also help to keep the poo in the diaper and not on my cover, so again the cover could be reused more often.

I would love to only have to use a single layer for the wool cover - thus saving on yardage and money, but I don't know how this is possible if I don't want to use fold over elastic. Maybe I will get a chance soon to get some wool fabric used for suits or coats at the fabric store and use a less expensive layer to sew a cover where the elastic is hidden?

I have also considered the idea of using an inner layer of ripstop nylon. Maybe sandwiched between flannel and an outer cover of velour? I think though that the moisture would just wick from the flannel to the velour and it would not be very effective. I would still need a water repelling fabric for the outer wall of the cover to keep the moisture in. Also I have read that the water repelling qualities of ripstop would not hold up against the constant washing that is required for diapering. So maybe it isn't really hepful at all.


  1. you can buy some old 100% wool sweaters from a thrift store or something..or even from yardsales , felt it(put it inside a pillowcase and run it ithrough a full hotwater wash-and-dry in the washing machine)then cut it up to make covers..you dont have to add elastic to wool because it is naturally stretchy. use the ribbing at sleeve ends to make leg holes for the cover.
    you can also make toddler pants from the sleeves of fullsleeve sweaters(with the wrist end of sleeve as ankle of pants), then you dont have to put other clothes on top of that.

  2. I use recycled wool sweaters and for the elastic I add a 1/2 in casing for 1/4 in elastic, I like the look of a diaper not pants, shorts, or undies. so I cut out the shape of the diaper pattern I like and where the elastic goes I cut out a casing of 1/2 in larger (looks kind of squarish) fold it over (now the top is even)sew it, use a safety pin to thread it through and secure the elastic to each end. Then I add either velcro or snaps- if I am being lazy I decide it will be a pinner. Good Luck.