April 8, 2009

In response to Shawn...

Thanks for your comment! :) Glad you find the blog useful, that is my intent. Since I have been having trouble finding this information on the web, I thought others could eventually gain from it too! :)

About the prefold and fitted issue. I am currently not sure how I am going to go. My son is 13 months old, so he is eating a lot of solids. We don't have the leaking issues we had a few months back. Back then it seemed every time he would poo, we would have to change everything, because it was leaking out of the prefold and all over (we were using prowrap covers). Now it is a non-issue. I would suggest maybe only converting a few of your prefolds to fitteds if you are trying to prevent leaks with a younger baby, because the fitteds do take longer to dry - not as long as an all-in-one diaper, but longer than your prefold.

But, and I know I am contradicting myself here!... but those fitteds sure do look cute on baby's bum! :-) And I think they make for a trimmer cloth diaper - with a cover over top - than the prefold folded any way you like!

So as I said before, right now I am not sure what I am going to do about it! I have only about 4 or so diapers that I have converted, and use them when they are available. But when I run out, I don't mind using the prefolds either! :)

Just for your information: I bought my prefolds at Nicki's Diapers. Though I didn't shop around at all, I think $21.00 for 12 regular prefolds is an ok price. If you wash often, this is a good amount. I have 24 of each premium and regular and I have way too many diapers! But I don't have to wash that often - maybe once every 4 days.

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the additional information. I didn't have a chance with the holiday weekend to mock up my first fitted. I think I'll make up two to start with and use those for babysitters and hubby. I may try Nicki's prefolds as the only ones available at Green Mountain Diapers are the unbleached and I'm not sure if I want those or not? They take longer to prep from what I understand. I will only be using cloth part-time as I work part-time. I was thinking two dozen prefolds and four covers? Then knit up a few shorts and longies just because I love wool and love the look of a babe in wool.