April 2, 2009

Farm Fleece Wrap

Thanks Kei for posting the wonderful tutorial for sewing up Rita's Rump wrap pattern. This is my first try and I like the results, just would like to make a few alterations for the perfect SOFT wrap!!! (Adding a gusset to make it able to hold a little more bulk).

In Kei's tutorial she suggests sewing the elastic to the inner layer of the diaper before sewing the seams up. I don't know if she has a specific reason for doing so, but I have found it easier to first sew up the seam (outer and inner layers, right sides together) and then go back to attach the elastic to the seam allowance. Maybe there is a wicking issue that I am unaware of?

(He wasn't in the greatest mood for pictures)...


  1. I have no particular reason for sewing the elastic in before I do the seams. In fact, on the next diaper I made, I sewed the seams then added the elastic! There are no rules! ;-D