April 2, 2009

Farm Fleece Wrap, PART II

Added a gusset to each of the legs, this makes for a much better fit over a prefold, in my opinion. :-) This cover works great and keeps him dry even over night, I am very impressed by the power of fleece! I bought this print from Joann Fabrics. I have read that Maiden Mills or Windpro are the preferred brands of fleece for cloth diapering purposes, but at $14.00 /yard I am not quite sure it is worth the extra money. I don't remember how much I paid for my fleece, but I am sure it was under $10.00.

This is the Rita's Rump pattern altered to add a gusset. I just traced the mid section of the leg hold on the original pattern and drew a line across the U-shape to make a template for the gusset. Then I added some extra for a seam allowance. The top seam (straight side) of the gusset elastic sewn into the seam allowance and turned to make a pocket for the elastic. Then you just sandwich the gusset between the diaper inner and outer layers when you are sewing up the seam.

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