November 16, 2008

Too much fun with Kool-Aid!

Yesterday I had a lot of fun (in between holding the bucket for poor sick N.) dyeing two skeins of yarn! This is how I did it.

First of all it was very important to keep the yarn somewhat under control, so you don't have a huge tangle to deal with when you are done.

I turned a chair up-side down and used the four legs to wrap the yarn around...

Then I used the last 6 feet or so of yarn to "contain" the wrapped yarn in a tie-dye fashion.

This is what the yarn looked like all wrapped up... pretty!

Next I soaked the yarn in a mixture of water and vinegar and prepared my dyes (here Kool-aid) but I also ended up using Easter egg dye as well...

I used 1 package of orange, 2 packages of grape, 1 package of black cherry (for pink), and 2 packages of black cherry (for red). The pink and red did just turn out to be pretty much the same color in the end though.

Then I prepared an old cookie sheet with cling wrap on it to avoid making too much of a mess...

Then I "painted" the yarn to my heart's desire! Well I started out just wanting a few spots of color here and there, but that didn't work out too well, so I just decided to make the whole skein as colorful as I could...

You can see that the colors bled a bit after being microwaved for 4 minutes (resting for 2 minutes in between). This is when I decided to get out the egg dye and fill in the white spaces with blue and green.

Hanging up to dry by the fire place.

Close up of finished product.

Restrung into a "workable" skein - I can pull it from the middle without too many tangles.

What it looks like with 1x1 ribbing... (this will become my next soaker)!

These are the results of a second skein of wool - I just couldn't resist!

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